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Koru's Show Me Hatario  

Koru's Show Me Hatario "Hulken"
Sex: Male
Born: 11th of August 2013
Color: Cream
Bite: 6+6 Perfect sissor bite with big nice teeth

After: Multi CH MultiW Show Me The Way Di San Gimignano
Under: NO SE FIN DK UCH Helmiäisen Show Me The World

Breeder: Kennel Koru
Owner: Christina Denice & Christoffer Wulff-Pedersen, Koru
Co-owner: Lena Sparbo Vanvik (Norway)

Knees/PL: 0,0 (Free)
Eyes: U.A (Free)
Heart: U.A (Free)

HULKEN IS AVAILABLE AS A STUD FOR SUITABLE FEMALES. Please contact us for more information!

Hulken has a pedigree we really value a lot! He is linebred to legendary "MultiCH Misty Meadow's Dressed to Dance", one of our all time favorite chihuahuas.

Just like all our puppies, also Hulken got his pedigree name from the Maori language. Hatario is the name of a Maori-Cheef, and this boy really is the boss. But becuase if his stronge bones, we gave him the nick name, Hulken.

We would like to thank Merja Kahelin from Helmiäisen Chihuahuas in Finland, for making this combination posible! We are forever greateful for you letting us get Hulken's mother in to our lifes.

Also a big thanks to Marco Tomei (That's Amore kennel) for letting us use beautiful Gaio in our breeding.

Hulken lives on co-owning with Lena Sparbo Vanvik.
Thank you so much Lena and your family for giving Hulken such a great home and a lot of love and affection.