Koru Chihuahuas

FCI Approved breeder since 2008

About Koru Chihuahuas...

Koru Chihuahuas was founded by me, Christina Denice Wulff-Pedersen, and the prefix Koru was approved by FCI in the beginning of 2008.
"Koru" means new life, peace, strength and growth, in the language, Maori.

We breed to produce sound, typefull and healthy chihuahuas, and all our dogs are eye checked and tested for PL.
As member of the Norwegian Kennel Club and the Norwegian Chihuahua Club, we follow their breeding guidelines.

We will never have a huge kennel. For us it is important to have time for each dog, and the shows and litters that follow. Our dogs live in the house with us, and are a big part of the family.

The majority of our dogs are bred by Merja Kahelin at Helmiäisen Chihuahuas in Finland. She once told me that co-operation between breeders are the best way to accomplish great results with breeding, and she was right! 
I am forever grateful to Merja for sharing her knowledge and lines with me! She always lends a helping hand and gives me priceless advices on the way. She has leased out both females and males to us, sold us very promising puppies and let us use her beautiful top producing males! I really value our friendship, and feel lucky for getting the opportunity to co-operate with such an experienced and kindhearted breeder!


Christina Denice Wulff-Pedersen

When I was a kid I lived on a small island in the South Pacific, called Rarotonga, and Maori is the native language.
It was on this island I found that it was a breeder I wanted to become. I spent a lot of time with the street dogs, even saved a few of them. My love for dogs just grew and grew.
I chose this prefix, Koru, because this island means something very special to me and my dog interest. It was here I got my first dog and it was here I saw how much dogs need a loving home and a family.

My interest in Chihuahuas has been there for many years.
I have long wanted to become a breeder.
The size of the Chihuahua was the first I was attracted to.
As I became familiar with the breed I fell more and more in love with it's charm, temper, personality and playfulness.
I spent 2 years trying to find my first Chihuahua and looked all over the world for the right female. She had to be dark and long coat, fit for showing and breeding, and have exciting bloodlines. Finally I found our NUCH NW-07 Betty Boop des Patibullies, at kennel Les Patibullies in France. When she was 8 weeks, I got on a plane to Paris. I will never forget my first meeting with her. She was put in my arms, happy and excited she licked my face. Thank you so much Sylvie, for this beautiful girl!
I have for several years been active in the Norwegian Chihuahua Club. I was regional contact person for the club and a member of the election committee. For 4 years I was a member of the Show Committee. I participated in arranging the Norwegian Chihuahua Speciality show every year, as well as all the other shows our club arranged. I love exhibits and therefor wanted to contribute to well organized dog shows. Now I have taken a brake from club duties, and are focusing on showing our dogs and our breeding program. But I really want to contribute in more club work in the future.                                



A part of the team!

With me on the team I have two dedicated and very helpful woman named Therese Madeleine Berg and Lena Sparbo Vanvik.
Some of our dogs live with them on co-owning.
They help out with handling, training, and taking care of the dogs when we are on vaccation.

I am so grateful for their friendship, help and all they contributes with to the Koru-Family!

Therese Madeleine Berg - Tez

Ever since I was a little girl, animals have been a big part of my life. Growing up on a farm gave me the ability to be i touch with nature and many of it's wonderfull creatures. For many years I was into horses and cats in particular, but as I grew older the interest for dogs grew stronger and stronger. I got my first dog, a Rotweiler, when I was 22, but this wasn't the breed for me.

In 2009 I met Christina and the chihuahuas.
I imediately fell in love, and have been ever since. I had the opportunity to have a visitor from Kennel Koru for a while,
and only a short periode of time later, I bought Cirka, my own first smoothcoated chihuahua. As the interest for dog shows also increased, the family grew bigger and when Fiji was born in 2012 Christina offered me to be her co-owner. After that we've been in the showring more and more often.

For some time I also was a member om the Norwegian Chihuahua Club Show Committee, and took part in arranging the Norwegian Chihuahua Speciality

I am so gratefull to have met Christina and been given the chance to take part of such an incredible family, and for the trust I have been shown. I appreciate beeing a part of the Koru team. And I look forward to increase the number of four legged family members and to attend many many more dogshows in the future.

Lena Sparbo Vanvik

Information comming soon....